Make A Donation

Food Items

Whether it's just a loaf of bread, or a full bag of shopping, your food donations help us to provide the foodbank service we offer to the community.

Household Items

From chairs and sofas to tables and hoovers. Don't throw your unwanted household items away. You never know who you might help by donating them.


Whether you have some old unwanted toys or want to donate new toys, your donations will be put to good use and will go to new forever homes.

Other Donations

Sometimes people like to donate in other ways, so whether you want to donate spare change or even sponsor us, it all makes a real difference.

Food Items

As a network that offers a foodbank/community fridge style service, your food donations really do help make a difference. We simply wouldn’t be able to offer the service we do without the help of your donations. Whether it’s just a loaf of bread, or a full bag of shopping.

Supporting The Community

We’re more than just a foodbank. That’s because everyones needs are different and so are our circumstances. That’s why we run our community fridge project (learn more here), because although you might not require the use of a foodbank, sometimes bills take over and we just need a little boost with the weekly shopping.

Your Donations Make A Real Difference

If it wasn’t for your amazing donations, we wouldn’t have the supplies to meet the demands of our service. Your donatiation could be the reason a young child has been able to have some lunch today. Your donations really do make a difference.


It doesn’t end with food. Have you got a box of unwanted toys just sat in a room waiting to be taken to the tip? Why not make a young childs day by donating them instead? We’d love to see those unwanted toys being taken to good use again.

Every Toy Needs A Home

Whether they get reused at one of our Stay & Play Sessions or are donated to another family, your unwated toys will find their new forever home in no time. But what’s best is knowing the donations you make are putting a smile on another childs face.

Household Items

From tables & chairs to hoovers and cupboards. Don’t let your unwanted household items go to waste. Whether you’ve just upgraded your hoover or had a bit of a decorate at home and your table & chairs no longer match – you can donate them too.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

It’s surprising how many people think that once their done with household items they no longer use, that’s it. But that’s not the case. If you’ve got an unwanted table – it could be something another family desperately needs. Don’t just throw it away, donate it and see it be used by someone that needs it.

Donate Your Time

Maybe you’ve no household items to donate, but still want to help. Why not volunteer some of your time to help the local community? Whether it’s to help transport a wardrobe that has been donated or a couple of hours helping our with our community fridge.

Other Donations

Did you know there are more ways to donate than just food, toys or household items? Although we never ask for money – some people choose to make donations this way too. There’s also other ways you can donate.

Donate With PayPal

We really are thankfull for every donation we receive. Every single penny donated helps us continue to provide our services to the community. You can now make a donation via PayPal by clicking here.

Spread The Word

Sometimes getting the message out to more people is the best donation. Spread the word about what we do with your family & friends. You never know who needs help, and you could be passing on some really helpfull information onto someone in your community.

How To Donate

If you want to make a donation, we want to thank you in advance and let you know your contribution will help make a real impact on the local community.

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Visit Us

If you’d like to drop of a donation, no matter how big or small – please feel free to come and visit us at our store.

We are located at 203C Dunkirk Lane, Leyland, Lancashire, PR26 7SN (Near the Co-Op Shop).

Give Us A Call

You can also give us a call if you want to organise making a larger donation. To get in touch, give us a call on 07734407305 or email

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