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I was asked a question about the difference between a ‘foodbank’ and the ‘Community Fridge’….So I thought I’d give my view….

So for me, I don’t like the word ‘foodbank’ in particular, because I personally feel it brings alot of stigma, perception/misconceptions (which let me categorically say are often so very off the mark)…So I used the word Top-up Shop when it first started back last year (a helping top up to groceries)… and when it was solely named that it helped break some barriers too.

With ‘Foodbanks’, many are referral based to get ongoing support for certain periods generally (but alot also aren’t and can be accessed just by attendance so it varies)…. And our Care Packs are exactly that now (referal based only).

But with Community Fridge – it’s about the need to reduce food waste of perfectly good items, NOT about the need for food support, and it’s accessible to anyone who can utilise the stock! We do not need justification for you coming and using it, evidence of your situation or an explanation!!!

The Community Shop is a way of raising much needed funds for our hub and overhead costs of the building AND supporting people to get a bargain and some essential items that they can contribute towards….💰

Right, wrong or otherwise, that’s just how I view and approach it ❤🙌🛒🌏

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